Let's Co-Create a series of books. On Collaboration.

We have formed a team with a single purpose - to co-create a series of books about how to unleash the full potential of teams & individuals, and by that, re-inventing organizations from within. We are doing it together with our network. We are so happy you’re here!

Love Anna Gullstrand, Åsa Silfverberg & Roger Sjögren



We spend 1/3 of our life at work, and only 15%* of employees are engaged in their workplace worldwide. That's a shame. There are methods & tools that can stop the unnecessary suffering in workplaces today. Unfortunately, those tools are not commonly known. Let's change that.

*State of The Global Workplace 2017, by Gallup

In a world of constant chaos

Exponential growth in the technology sector, globalization and environmental issues are factors that stress a paradigm shift. The world is insecure and in rapid change. Our systems and beliefs, most of them born in the industrial age, need to be challenged. We need to challenge them.



For humans & humanity

We believe that organizations and companies today are very far from being as creative, innovative and sustainable as they could be. Traditional ways of leading and organizing are getting in the way. For harmony and prosperity, we need to be able to bring our whole self to work. 


Unleashing our energy 

To unlock all potential, we need to tap into each other’s energy and collaborate for real, using the qualities, competence and experience of each and every individual. But, collaboration can be tricky. Therefore, we need proven powerful tools and methodology.