The 14th of February 2018 we launched our crowdfunding campaign and video at Kickstarter.  We have 30 days to reach our goals, so now we need your help!

To make our movement become a reality, please back us. You can make a pledge, pre-order a book or by a ticket to our release party. We also need your help to spread the word around the world. No filter bubble should be able to filter us out!


WHY & how?

Our whole project is made in the spirit of co-creation and network culture. Our aim is to fund all the costs related to publishing and distributing our book around the world. The more funding we get, the more languages we will translate the book into (Swedish, English, Mandarin, Arabic, Spanish...). The first 24 hours of a Kickstarter campaign is crucial for being successful. Therefore, we will be forever grateful if you will help us, by spreading the campaign in your social networks. Kindly subscribe here and we will send you more information and tools when it's time to make some noise :)