This is a collaborative project and during the process we will need different kinds of help and competence from people who share our passion. On this page, we will continuously let you know what is going on. 



Right now, we are in the exploration & planning phase. We are meeting people and facilitating workshops, focusing on broadening our perspectives and getting valuable input. If you have a great team collaboration story to tell - do not hesitate to contact us

If you want to engage, get invited to workshops and co-creation activities, or just get up-dates on what is going on, please sign-up at the bottom of this page or join our Facebook-group

In the spirit of co-creation and network culture, we will fund our project with a crowdfunding campaign. Right now we are setting up our project page at Kickstarter and making a video. When we launch it, the 14th of February 2018, we'll need your help to spread the message in social media around the world. Find out here how you can join our network marketing task force.