A co-created series of books. On Collaboration.


What will the series of books be about?

Our series of books will be about collaboration and co-creation and will include different topics and aspects related to that. We’ll write a lot on methodologies. About mindsets and tools related to how to change an organization from within, by releasing the energy and creativity in us humans, and changing the way we learn and collaborate.

So, what do we mean with mindset and tools? We will give you real examples of how to apply powerful stuff such as group dynamic models, tools and approaches, transformative leadership models, tools and approaches and much more. The stories will ignite, equip and empower you to adapt and adopt new ideas and implement them for real. All books in the series will contain a toolbox with step-by-step guides on how to run successfull and engaging workshops - no matter what result you strive for. 

Since this is an open, co-creative and collaborative project, we don’t know the exact results yet. Our best guess is that the books will cover some of the following topics: Purpose, Openness/Trust, Collaborative Methods, Effective Teams, Facilitation, Self-Leadership, Neuro-Leadership, Sustainability, Health, Life Balance, Whole Self, New Organizations, Team Development and Lifelong Learning. 




We will make pedagogic and mobile books with explosive content!

Since collaboration is a continuously evolving subject, we’re creating a series of small books, around 70 pages each. A hybrid between a book and a magazine. Something in-between Harvard Business Review and traditional management literature. It’ll be the perfect size to take along in your bag, read on the bus, or hand out after a work session. A new & engaging release, at least, every quarter of the year somewhere in the world!


Who will read the books?

We want to make a big impact. Therefore, we aim to create a series of books that are valuable both for people not yet familiar with the subject, and people that are already engaged. The different issues will target different people. However, they’ll all relate to collaboration and increased engagement from the perspectives of individuals, teams, leaders, organizations, and society/earth.